b'Brochures Page 1 16/01/201912:58Page 216/01/201912:58Page 3WELCOME TO GREENFIELDS,an exciting n ewyNreosridthe ssive bment of 29nBtiaarldeovmeleosp, a no fe xcpoemripenlected re s pperrotyu ddelyv eplroepseern wteidtahc raons ism tp hree EastH olio heodu pserosidential schemes poidritfng of Yorkshire. RWHETHER YOU CHOOSEThe Hawthorn, The Mayaapsp blee eonrThe Juniper you can be certain that your new homl ehdesignedyt eox pmeratxliym bisueil tt,h seu pabeurbnldya snpte lcivifiniegdsapnadce a racvhaiitleabctluer. a GREENFIELDS IS LOCATED t a le ssse tmhai-nr u2r aml illeosc atotio tnh e deirestoyfB ngtonn centre in be of int wreesct ttloadrjiadclei nt to Eaoswtfield Garden Centre and wilaa mrainligeesaonf db duoyewrnssf i in sionals, growingzecrlus dinin sge aarscphir oinf gn epwro pfaesstures.HROEW CEOVNEFRI DYOENUT D GERFIENEEN FYIOEULDR SD WREILALM E HXOCEMEED,WITE.AG16/01/201912:58Page 716/01/201912:58Page 916/01/201912:58Page 1016/01/201912:58Page 11THE HAWTHORN THE HAWTHORN3 The Juniper N) SERVICES Cloakroom - hand basin and WC in white with C and utility. Choice of colour froms,sotuairr sra anngde. landing.1 2Melectricity and water.Thaei nHsa gwatsh, ornBoamthproleomme -n thaary brasware. Shower w arpet to living rfraotmhroom and Telephone conection point to living room. Purchaser c complementarynd b braasssiwn,a braet. h and WCi tinhwenhcitleos wuriteh. Chuoshicieo no vf icnoyllo tuo room,obeudr rroaonmge e. b nsuite. Choice ofresponsible for conection charges. cColour from our range. cEonmsupitlee m- henantadr yb basrains sawnadr We. CSh ionw wehri wteit wh iethn closure.3 LTahme inJuatnei pteor hal , cloakroom, kitchen/dining/day roomMedia point in living room. bed 2 bed 3 GROUND FLOOR KTV and satelite point in living room, kitchen/dining andLiving RoomJ) INTERNAL LIGHTING aCnadrp uett iltioty .l ivCihnog icroe oomf ,c ostluoduyr , fbroemdr oooumr rsa, nstgaei.rs andSbeatderloliotem ds.ish and TV aerial included. kitchen dining 5.25m x 3.43m (Max)172 x 113 (Max)he Hawthorn itchen/Dining 1 Titocthliegnh,t ds inini nthge, b caetihling. KC launsdhiinogn.Cvhinoyicl eto o bfa ctohlorouor mfr oamnd o eunrs ruainteg.e C. hoice of3 TTehleep Mhoanyea pcopnlenection point to living room. Purchaser4.45m x 3.28m146 x 108sp room and ensuite to have conection charges. 1.65m x 0.98m54 x 32Cloakroom2 TAlhl oet Mheary raopopmles to have pendant lights.colour from our range. reespdoian spiobilne tf oinr el ipvoinignt r oino mliv.ing room, day room and it cloak- landing FIRST FLOORLight to be provided adjacent to each external door. M Bedroom 1 (Max) x 10 4Kitchen, dining, day room, bathroom and ensuite toL) EXTERNAL LIGHTINGbTeVd arnodom sas.tel 2.68m - 3.43m (Max) x 3.16m 88- 113 hal ve thspeort rloigohmtssitno t hhae vcee pileinngd.ant lights.4 Tahteel lJiuten idpiserh and TV aerial included.S NEF built-in dishwasher Chim 60 chimney hod room bathroom 1.62m x 1.55m53 x 51 o Ensuite3A MP)A GCAERSDENS, DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING STelephone conection point in living room. Purchasercpd Bedroom 2(Max) x 66 h KTithceh Jeunn, idpineirng, day room, bathroom and ensuite toF Driveways and parking spaces to have block pavedreespdoian spibolien tf oinrlciovinnnge crotioomn .charges. living cpd 3.27m x 2.27m10 7 x 75Bedroom 33.07m (Max) x 2.02m101Aal vet hspeor trloigohmtssintothhaev cee pilienngd.ant lights. fionoisthp.aths and patio areas to be formed in concreteM ite point in living room, day room andBathroom o TV and satel 2.27m x 1.94m75 x 6 4K) FLOOR COVERINGS k dR paving flags. d licable.Sbeadterol om dsi.sh and TV aerial included. bed 1 shower1 The Hawthorn Front gardens to be turfed or planted where ap iteLatmchinat/t e to entrance loby, cloakromom o uarn dra nge. Geeanre graarlye 1n.s8 t0o m beet rteur hfeigdh.teinmcbee or rf ebnocuen dtoa rrye astr rguacrtdueren O) EXTRASwhich extras are available subject Ciarpet en oi lniviningg.Crhooomice,boef dcrooloomurs f, rsotairs and landing.unles there is an existing ftSoe et hee build stage of each property.xtras list to se Choice of colour fromr oooumr r aanndge e. nsuite. Choice ofin uptlsaidcee. tap to rear. P) WARRANTY for New Homes.Coulsohuior fnr ovminy ol utro r baantghe.O Premier Guarante2L cTahme inMaatey atpop hlael, cloakroom, kitchen/dining/day roomPlease note; prospective purchasers should check with their Sales Negotiator regarding the colour of the facing bricks and rof tiles of the plot(s) that they are interested in. Internal dor Chrisi style chrome dor handle GROUNDFIRST G G16/01/201912:59Page 1916/01/201912:59Page 20ABOUT BRIDLINGTON HOW TO FIND USTHE TOWN OF BRIDLINGTON c has long hboeleidna ajewaekel rinsatnhde GrHeEen PfiEelRdFs EisC id eLaOlyC loTcaItOedN for al that To York Scarborough HeaddlandsT T AymEaays t tCriopapset rcsr. oIwtn d aaltstora rteinmga ginesn ehrautgioelnyspoof pruemlare nwt iatghe flaomokliinesg i B o e a A64 Easton Esso To Junior School SchoolA165 B125 Marton Road Sewerby Roadwirtihd lginegnteornalaanmd etnhiet iwesi,d gor oadr esac hhoso ltso a onfdfe ar chwoarn at inqgu iae tseeasidef lifestyle and those of retiand recreational facilities Burlingtonr pace of life. stretch out on either side of the chno tihceedooorstf leisuerpe. Boynton Primary SchoolAWARD-WINNING BEACHESSewerby Roadhistoric harbour and the beautifuly designed promenades are NEARBY TOWNS & CITIES B1253 Easton Road Garden Stationthe perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. CentreFOR THOSE INo SEARCH OF ENTERTAINMENT b thbee , iwcohniilce Drifverlefield 12.5 miles Old TownScarborough 16.6 milesBe30 miles B1253isiettpol atcheetloocHul y 23.4 miles Easton Road Westgate St Johns Stre tBridlingtloarn s w Saplaks avleornlog othkien cgl itfhf etopasy,ai sv th al leisure York 40.8 mileseenctrtea ore ener Bridlington 1.8 miles Bridlingcp cur a rougnedti co.f g of at Bridlington Golf Club willappeal to TRAIN STATION Sports Cteonntre PaurekensQQueensgatethe mo for t,hothseer eeisryd eoafn ds hTohpesParnodmennadereas,l a SCHOOLS imary School 0.9 miles EASTON ROAD, BRIDLINGTON YO164DB* Hospital Bdlington BRIDLINGTON LaE B Sereida FF lirnogntot l nQueensgateA165MEANWHILE a h eve naoy shs oerntatigaelsd ppingge Burlington Pr R hool 1.2 miles Woldgate osppita Scrihool CENTRE Station Tesco Centre r esistu Rried CinegntreamenitiestoBridlington Sc hool 1.5 milesBridlingtonsi glha rgsetsrte cto vestroedre ss hoanpdpi nignxrpeetraiielenrcse. Boynton Prollegimary School and Ce 2.1 milesommunity H dlinrange ofT ceenpterne,d eins te homeHeadlands ScScience C ao dwenli gahlstfou lp mroivx iodef se aat eurineisq, upeu bshs oand historic places FIETTNAEISLS , RECREATION &Tlohne gO wlidthBr idlington Spa 2 miles ine 2.6 miles West Hill Hill Mors M Shto explore.Bridlington Sports Centre 1.2 miles A165 PhoompepinnagdesBridlington Golf Club 2.4 milesYorkshire Coast line that runsH East Riding Leisur socn sDonaldsBRIDLINGTON IS SERVED b beyt wae enrailwualylanstda tSiocanr boonr outhghe The Promenades Se Choentrpg Centre iM2.8 milesKingsgateand laensdrturaninnisn ag lstoooopuetr-aotfe-t oinw tnh ed etoswtinna. tTiohnesr ein acrleu sdeinveg raYlo bruks,s Bridlington Hospital 0.9 miles Bridlington HEAD FOR PASTURES NEWHOSPITALSecravribcorough, Drifield, Beverley and Hul. All distances are approximate MAP NOT TO SCALE A614 Spa EASTON ROAD, BRIDLINGTON YO16 4DBA165The ParkSouthTo HullBeach*Postcode to be confirmed7 admmarketing.co.uk'