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CASTLEGATEWALMGATEQUEN ST.MICKLEGATE LANE BREWER FRIARGAYORK DUNGEONBOAT CLIFORD S MUSEUM T. TOWER MUSEUM LEEDS A64TE THEATRETOWER ST.BARTOWER YORKCINEMA CONVENT NUNERY LANE NUNERY ST. TOWER STRE P T PICADILY ST. E G R O E G WAKEFIELDBLOSOM STRET T SKEBLRDIEDRGEATE P PARAGO CENTRE N STR AN ET M1 BARNSLEY DONCASTER SCUNTHORPE GRIMSBYLANE PRICES LA. FISHERGATESTRE RIVER OUSE FAWCET ST.YORKBARBICCAEASRITN PR RAIRCOKTA EDDAS CVCEEHSICS RLEO AUTCECSES M R BISHOPGATE SHEFFIELD GAINSBOROUGH LINCOLNROADRY E T E M E CSaint Georges Kep, 23 Cliford Street, YorkYO1 9RQtel: 01377 288181 / 01759 377379enquiries@saintgeorgeskep.co.uk www.saintgeorgeskep.co.uk luxury self catering apartments\x12\x00 \x00 \x00 \x00\x00 \x00\x00\x0c\x00\x00 \x00\x04\x06\x0c\x11\x00\x02\x08\x0f\x08\x13\x10\x00\x03\x08\x08\x0e LUXURY SELF CATERING APART ENTS \x01\x07\x12\x11\x00\x05\x0f\x0bM kends orrelaxingA warm Yorkshire welcome to Saint Georges d s t, For romanticshort breaks, long wes the perfect lo Ycoarkti oisn Vr s e . enownedstrets. lyKep, a stunyninegs ignnewed d eluxveluropymeenlftocatf eleervineng UKte hdo lBirdiatayisn, sY ofarvk oiucrtiutere m anadlcintyc,hantingrcobledfor itsap boindividuallnts ss itciuatty weda l o.ns Clifford Stre Ceenatuthriteask ionfg h isatrocrhyit weait around every corner, mixing efortleswiarthtimen York with modern day city chic. Saint Georges Kep ofers a choice of four SO MUCH TO SEE AND DOe 1 bedrom andwsei fvi eenn a2b lebedd arnodo msp eacpifaierdtm toen tthse, R avnidsi tt,h w hNialet ioitne a islva ecryhhofig whehsicth s itsandards, including state of the art nlCaelilewbraayt eMdu asteturamct ioanreslaik e mThuest J odrvuirki nCge natrneythe splendour ofapliances, flat scretv, whirlpo n spa bath*, imperative that time is spent extipvearlsie anrcei nalgs o held throughoutluexluercioteudstfuorilneisthriinegss . s ahnedre a w rialTagles oo bfe p ae srsoecniaalllyy p upon y S Minr swtehri. c Ah w widileavpaprieeatyltoofafels a gtheeghraonudp os af hnidst oinrtye rise asltms. ostYorkCo e pack awaiting your arival. thtero lyle tahoruo,u ogr hco Thinec Sidhe aymoubrl evsi swit hweriteh top clasS prenpvaerneide nwtleyl cloocmated i asd wjaitcheinnt w toa lkCilnifgf odridstsa Tnocwe eorf, o anyd n higohstp Yitoarlikt yo fofers an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, olde w Bn the nearby world famous Knavesmire. horse racing actionaa t lm inot sGt eaol rtghee sf aKmeputsh iast thraisctotioricns a andd nfalasncidnmaatirnkgs enoterldrt apinumbse annt.d O ar , cshwoaicp et hoefthruasdtileti oannad l baunsdtl eco fonrt aem sapuonrtaeryralolocnaglco it yb, ea lfoowunindg w yiothu itnomake the most of your stay. ere the temptation to relax at athe banks b aofrtish en Reviveerr f aOr uaswe, awyh. t Saint Georges dK geoeopd i sr oeaadsi llyin kasc acnedsa ibmlep flero cnaera. rbym the *Excluding apartment 10 Ebor suite W FOIT RH GTUHEES TESM TPOH AWSAIS N O NFTOQRUANOITTHYLA INNGD DAT UR TIENNGT TIO HNETO IR STAEYTA. DIL, IT IS OUR SINGLE AIM rivers idsone praarikni nstga taioren i adneal for guests traveling byWithil e mveurc hbe to l osnegeeannodu dgoh, .however long you stay in York,it wSAINT GEORGES KEP AT A GLANCELIFT TO AL FLOORS . DISABLED ACES TO AL FLOORS VIA PASENGER LIFT . FAMILY FRIENDLY . STATEOF THE ART APLIANCES INCLUDING DISHWASHER . FLAT SCREN TV. WHIRLPOOL SPA BATH . COT PROVIDED . LINEN PROVIDED . WI FI ENABLED . SECURE CYCLESTORAGE . SECURE CHARGEABLE PARKING AVAILABLE NEARBY . MOST CREDIT CARDS ACEPTED . NO SMOKING THROUGHOUT . NO PETSLeisureOu thwore tirmk withe anindwtheecloeisl ubroe anratd e toclousriselm y winitduh Rstryy edisa inle cDreiasstinricgtal h Council, North Yorkshire County Council, the National Trust an m a yTh coen Strac th Construction o line Approved Contractor ifieo Thd Ee Sncogtlishehr Hn Ceritagonstreu. ction team also has vastc eex siopweonrriekednicntoe p i cunarrb tlhiyce eb n an cod train evd. eod ovWed crge beanolnisietracatiove thton, whr fis deor Cicmoho mennssttrranateusctio os ouunr wor clinoermmitme, thk syse ltearmsgen, het tost UK databas qalthual anity and safed e oety prff prficieeo-qncceuduyal. resd licuoetun salseets od eratradent iobnehs whal, rfe of eurf th r wieshe aru two incteommis toersrn an Cind cog menostrnthsuucotioltands hnts teav. am isThe alisl is be de a gelnig rigohvteernod toromeu beslny ast appr ans appresentla biggeasnt breweries. coueen nftrrt aeysqnd me M r pr d eu bei s a heWrne to i natl j o n l s u d tie toc ilni nge,h l e nW aonr c m w n er c ju v b e ghms not Business P&Sm k Art oSjec p Ocotst. sh , mis freoma Crdoebs. busin teadeindtotoe nnoaftnfere s att h th fooeuon major York Roadark serv a iaytl rsoruocrarciuestytoo f oitnhoerrfur ricaimnt provide a quality service withminimum oftB1248 York Rddiisoscrjeuuscptsst i thoannat y yt op olyauon may beunre d maieonsnst esiandnaendric wg e.o w osmulda lr efduelrbigihshtemdeEden Camp MaltonA64MaltonB1248 York Road Rical DriveSeven StB1248 Rye CloseA64 SC ConstOTrHuctEionRNTo YorkWe comply with all major building quality accreditations HOW TO FIND USScothernr O Developments o hm t Wefeon eu rp tularne noinugr n T He u .lthtu oarn i lu i e th e os n t itiw th sbe.r N g fe es ss.i oPnraivlaistmemananda rgeepdu teasttiaotnes. 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