b"Welcome to the property marketingdivision of ADM Marketing.Inalmost20yearsofprovidingmarketingsolutionsforproperty developers and their agents to drive sales we haveproduced numerous pieces of work, so this portfolio is simplymeant to provide a quick snap shot of our creative capabilities. But it is not just our creative flair, rapid response and value for money that hasmade us to the 'go to' supplier in this sector. It is our wide ranging knowledge,strategic input and an ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders atall levels which sets us apartand makes us an indispensable resource for theclients we work with.Other services provided by ADM Marketing to the property sector include;Public relationsSocial media managementSignage installationComputer generated animationEstate agent supportAdvertising strategiesPhotography, including dronesIf you want to give your next property development the bestchance of success, talk to ADM Marketing now."